Our company provides a full range of warehouse services for our customers’ online stores.

Our logistics system provides an advanced and affordable system for shipment and receipt of goods, a reliable IT system for integration, automatic management of remaining commodities, reporting, online remote monitoring and analysis of the main business processes.

Our customers are small and medium businesses engaged in wholesale and retail Internet trading.

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Goods receipt and handling


Order picking and packaging

Shipping parcels through the courier services of the EU

Returns processing

Processing of C.O.D.

Inventory of goods

API integration


Goods receipt at the warehouse, storage and processing of customer’s goods, order picking and packaging is fulfilled in the warehouse in Riga 7 days a week from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

We use the most modern packaging materials that ensure the safety of the goods in the parcel during transportation.

When we receive an order from a customer to our system, we pack it and ship the C.O.D. parcel with a courier service for EU countries. Cash on delivery is a payment for the order by a purchaser, an individual, who makes the payment only when the goods are delivered. As soon as the package leaves the warehouse, we will inform the purchaser about that.

We can also take payments in cash from the courier services, process them and provide our clients with accurate and up-to-date report.

We provide the best modern warehouse service to our customers. We know how to provide and to control all processes.

Time for process implementation:

  • goods reception - not more than 5 hours
  • picking and packing the order, delivery to courier service - not more than 24 hours from receiving the order;
  • C.O.D. processing - within 10 minutes from receiving the courier service report;
  • returns processing - not more than 24 hours from receiving the order on our warehouse;
  • reports for the client - online;
  • SMS to the client when the order is sent;
  • API integration.



We are also an online trading service of cosmetics produced in EU.  

When a new order enters the system, our warehouse will pick and pack the order and handle it to the courier service for the further delivery across EU.

As soon as each package leaves our warehouse, we send an SMS to let the consumer know it’s on the way.