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Depot officer

contractual wages
  • Organisation of warehouse work processes;
  • Control of order picking and packaging;
  • Control of parcel shipment to courier services;
  • Inventory;
  • Accounting and verification of primary documentation;
  • Financial and general reporting.

Chief accountant

contractual wages
  • Paper work;
  • Invoices and reports inspection;
  • Communication with suppliers;
  • Document archiving;
  • Formation of financial and other reports.

Senior picker

contractual wages
  • Goods receipt at warehouse;
  • Putting the names of the goods into the warehouse automation system;
  • Control of the orders receipt into the system;
  • Control of order picking;
  • Warehouse receipt arrangement;
  • Parcel shipment to courier services;
  • On time control of returns processing.


contractual wages
  • Goods receipt according to quality and quantity;
  • Order picking and packaging;
  • Processing of the returns at the warehouse;
  • Participation in inventory auditing.

Postal return manager

contractual wages
  • Returns recording;
  • Returns control and record;
  • Confirming paperwork;
  • Data entry into the accounting program.

Customers’ return manager

contractual wages
  • Returned goods receipt;
  • Customer’s application processing;
  • Recording the returned goods in the system;
  • Reporting.