An innovative complex formula for the skin care of any type based on microfibers of konjak tree and medium-activator. It contributes: -intensive penetration of active complex into the lower skin layers; -filling deep and fine wrinkles of age, stress and mimic factors; -deep skin moisturizing; -pigment spots elimination; -skin color smoothing; -increase the density of elastin and collagen skin structures, prevent a decrease of skin tightness; -spider veins decrease; -reduction of dark circles under the eyes, bags; -increasing the density of epidermal cells; -purification from toxins and comedones. Konjak microfiber favors the toxins and sebaceous plugs extraction from the skin, favors the opening of pores and the penetration of the active complex into the skin, that provides simultaneous, multifaceted restoration of functions and biochemical processes of all skin layers, thus achieving a visual effect in 3 days of applying the mask. For ordering, please fill out the form: